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FikFap APK is an official app of the website and is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best adult short-video platform.
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11 April 2022
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FikFap APK : Nowadays short-form content is replacing the long-form content and people love to use more automated apps than manually maneuvering through apps. People have very low patience while consuming content and they love to watch short-form content. After Tiktok got famous in the whole world, especially in the United States then many other apps worked their way out for short-form content like Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and many more. If you love short-form videos, FikFap APK is the app for your rescue. FikFap APK offers you a very unique form of short content that you would love to see in between the sheets.
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What is FikFap APK?

FikFap APk for iOS

FikFap APK is an amazing short-video platform very similar to Tiktok that lets you create, upload, and share short videos. But there is a naughty catch, FikFap APK offers you to watch, share and create adult short videos. FikFap is surely not for kids and is made for naughty adults who love to watch adult videos.
The best part about this app is that it is absolutely free and contains no annoying ads. FikFap APK supports both iOS and Android. It is a super lightweight application and measures even less than 1 Mb. FikFap offers so many features that your mind will get blown away, so lets start with the features FikFap has to offer.

Features of FikFap:

FikFap APK download

FikFap APK shares a very similar user interface to TikTok and also when it comes to features it is no less than TikTok. Let us start with the features of FikFap APK.

Super Lightweight Application

The best feature of the FikFap APK is its lightweight size as it measures even less than 1 Mb. FikFap can run smoothly on any device and doesn’t require any high specification device.

Easy to use

We all know how easy it is to use TikTok and so is FikFap APK as it shares a similar user interface. The main idea of the app is very straightforward and simple, you want to watch short adult content just go ahead keep swiping, and every time you will get a new random video.


FikFap offers a wide variety of content as it is a short video platform so every time you swipe you get a completely different video. You can watch a variety of videos on this app and never get bored. It can be your favorite go-to app to spend time watching adult short clips.

Hashtags official app

FikFap also offers a great feature similar to Instagram and Tiktok of following hashtags. If you like a video while watching videos you can tap on the plus icon before the hashtag and follow the hashtag. You can also search for different hashtags and follow them to get your own customized video categories.

HQ mode

Wifi is common in every house but still, if you are traveling or have a poor network reception then you can watch videos in normal mode. FikFap offers an HQ mode which you can enable by tapping on the HQ button. HQ mode stands for High-Quality mode which after enabling changes the video quality to High Quality. If you have a wifi connection at home or have high-speed network reception then you can switch to this mode and watch videos in high quality.

Mute Mode

As mentioned earlier FikFap is an adult short-video sharing platform and it opens in Mute mode by default. This default mute mode saves you from getting caught off-guard if you are out in the public. You can disable the Mute Mode by tapping on the Mute button.

History Tracking

There are moments when we come across a random video that blows our mind off or becomes a favorite in one glance but we can’t go back to the same if we move ahead of that video clip. FikFap APK is one step ahead when compared in features with TikTok as it also offers a feature of history tracking by which you can track your history of all the short videos you have watched to date. The history tracking feature of FikFap works seamlessly.

How FikFap APK works?

FikFap App

Everything about FikFap APK is cool and interesting and so is the functioning. FikFap is an official app of the website which works the same way as the app similar to TikTok. You can watch short adult content by just swiping through the website. FikFap app is developed by the official to let people have a separate application to access without opening the browser. FikFap APK plays videos with the help of your device’s default browser on the official You can also keep a track of it in your browser’s history section. So yes this lightweight app is a smart app to redirect users to the official

How to download FikFap APK?

You can grab the official FikFap APK file from our website or can also visit the official website The official website is completely similar to the app and you can have a tough time finding the application link. You can simply download the FikFap APK by tapping on the Download button. After the downloading is completed just tap and install the APK file. What are you waiting for grab your FikFap APK file now and start enjoying your private time.

FikFap APK for iOS

As if now there is no release specifically for iOS devices but you can have the same experience of the FikFap APK on your iOS device. You can use your default Safari browser or Chrome browser and open the official and have the same experience as the app. The website offers a ditto user interface and video browsing feature and you can do all that you can do on the app. Once there will be an official release for iOS devices we will update you about it.

Conclusion of FikFap

In short FikFap APK can be called Naughty TikTok app and is the best adult short-video app. You can watch, create, and save adult short videos and also create your own collection by saving clips. You get all the goodness of the app without any annoying ads and totally free. The overall user experience of the FikFap App is very straightforward and easy for users. The app measures less than an MB.

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